If it aint broke, fix it 'til it is.

Cadwell Park - Focussed Events - 08/06/11

 So before the day I'd removed my mirrors and number plate. Hastily fitted some axle sliders that were meant for my pitbike and adjusted the incredibly loose clutch cable. Just in case I'd also modified a baffle in case my race can failed the 105db noise limit.

I loaded the bike onto the trailer and left it in the garage overnight in readiness for the 2h journey to Cadwell near Louth in Lincolnshire.

A cheery 05:30 start and we were on our way, my mate Paul and his girlfriend came along for the ride, of course McDonalds breakfast was in order...

We got to the track for just gone 07:30 which was perfect for signing on, one wristband later and I was ready to get the bike noise tested.

When I started the bike is was misfiring like mad, so I took out the baffle. And it was exactly the same. Luckily it calmed down once it'd warmed up. Clutch in, into first BANG - stalled.

My incredibly loose clutch cable was now incredibly snapped. Bugger.

I went for noise testing anyway, in case I managed to find one, so in this photo I'm in neutral with the engine running. It passed at 103db (without the baffle).

Off to briefing to hear the things we've all heard a million times before and I asked the guy taking the briefing to ask around if anyone had a spare cable but I hadn't held out much hope.

Luckily G (from numerous other articles on this site) had brought two spare bikes with him. An SV650 minitwin race bike, and his Triumph Daytona 675 race bike. The SV was most ready, so I decided to take that out. Cue another spanner/works interface. It had very little fuel in it, and no key to the tank lock. Still, I got it noise tested just in case. 93db, bingo.

When I returned to the bikes the 675 was ready to go, so I took that out for the sighting laps *yawn*.

When I returned someone approached me with a cable from a k5 GSXR 1000 which he offered me to try, so we feverishly set about changing the cable.

And egads it fitted! Day saved. I can't thank that guy enough. He said he wouldn't mind it back at the end of the day, but it made more sense, rather than me removing a cable and giving him a used one back to buy him a brand new one the moment I got home. Which he trusted me to do, and I did the moment I set foot in my house.

I forgot to mention, Neil Hodgson ex-BSB and WSB champion was circulating throughout the day giving tuition to people who paid £25 or so. Nice bloke, just one of the guys really.

So out on track, first session I went out at the front of the pack. My last trackday was exactly 23 months previous, at Cadwell on the CBR (in novice). I've ridden Cadwell before, but this time I went for the intermediate group. I've ridden inters before, so no real trouble with my pace.

Not this time. I was passed by EVERYONE. I went out first, and came in last. Granted I was mostly passed on the straights, and it really felt like my little gixxer was lacking power. I was also almost certainly the only bike not made in the last 5 years, and one of very few 600cc bikes.

But still, I got a bit quicker, and took the 675 out for a few sessions. Knee down all over the place, felt my lines were good. The weather stayed sunny right until the second session after lunch, at which point it became torrential rain and I called it a day.


And Neil Hodson is behind me in this photo (not for very long I can assure you!).

Then I was knackered and went home.


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