If it aint broke, fix it 'til it is.

Mondeo gets a service and a throttle pedal

 So since August 2012 after I repaired the Mondeo. It's plodded along pretty much faultlessly. It needed some brake pads to get it back on the road after it was written off but that was all. This time round on the MOT it just needed a track rod end. Which also happy stopped the loud clunking over bumps. 


Then it started misfiring. Uh oh. It reminded me of killer injector problems. It did this under a constant throttle and it did it all the time. Then one day the engine cut out and the engine management light flashed. It felt expensive. 


Luckily my f super diagnostic cable diagnosed a pedal problem. 


With some help from TalkFord I replaced my throttle pedal and it solved the problem. £15 well spent. 


And last Monday I changed the oil and filters at just over 133k miles. 


She's never felt better. 

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