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Cadwell Park Focussed Events 08/07/2009

The day was booked a couple of months in advance as it'd been far too long since I'd last ridden on track. My rest days at work also happened to co-incide with a friend's. So we booked up! £89. Bargain.

A few days before I paid £55 for a set of track fairings for my CBR 600F. So the day before I swapped the fairings over, loaded it up onto the trailer and drove to King's Lynn to swap onto a 3 bike trailer, and pick up Paul and his R6.

Claire and I arrived at Paul's about 6pm on Tuesday and we quickly set about doing the final touches to Paul's R6 and adding a few fairings bolts to my CBR.

At 22:00 we started to load both bikes onto Paul's 3 bike trailer. We got the CBR on and then found out that since the rails are right on the edge you simply cannot tie a sports bike down whilst keeping it upright...bugger.

So our only option was to put the CBR back on the single bike trailer, for Paul to put his bike back to road spec, and for him to ride. Bear in mind we were due to leave in less than 7 hours.

So Paul just lobbed on his road nose cone with headlight and mirrors, I chucked his rear light and numberplate back in, and we left for Cadwell, a refreshing 2 hour journey away at 5am.

Luckily the journey went well and we arrived just before 7am with sign on starting at half past.

A quick noise test (my full Micron system did 102db at 7k rpm) passed, signed on, a quick briefing (yawn) and we were ready to go.

The only bad thing was that Focussed Events, who get a lot of bad press had put me into the Novice group rather than the Intermediate group I'd booked into. Never mind I thought, I'll just be a big fish in a small pond, so out I went for the 3 sighting laps.

No overtaking, fine. The track was dry. We'd had monsoon type rain the day before, but the forecast was just for patchy rain today.

I did all but 1 session (the last one) and had mucho fun. The bike behaved amazingly. I did over 100 miles on track and was completely knackered at the end.


I got both knees down, had some big wheelies, overtook lots of people and generally had a hoot.

P.s I am aware my leathers are hideous.


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